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This wiki is used to display as much information as possible to fill in any blanks, or provide extra information for the broadcast game available on Twitch. In this wiki you will find detailed information about characters, NPC’s, game locations, communities, monsters, events, equipment, etc.

The wiki is the same reference document provided to players of the game, and all publicly accessible pages will are presented in the same fashion as that a player within the game would see. This is in attempts to provide our viewers the same knowledge and experience as players. As such Game Master references will not be shown. Though these resources will be made available at a future date, only after the information has already been played through within the game broadcast.

Campaign Source Material

Warcrafters Codex is played using the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game. We utilize All the published books available from White Wolf Publishing® Sword and Sorcery™ as well as Even More Magic and Mayhem by Author T. Jordan Peacock.

Campaign Setting

Our campaign is set within the confines of the world of Azeroth. We are not currently including any extra areas found in the World of Warcraft video game, or Lore references. Technologies are considered advanced by comparison to representations in the video game.

Campaign Design

Game Master Shardless will be attempting to use the 5 × 5 method devised by Dave over at Critical Hits. As well as the 5 × 5 Adventures method, and Dramatic Structure.

Additionally Shardless will be designing Custom Location, Equipment, and NPC’s

The Campaign will start in Durotar, and will be structured in two to three Acts each constructed with the above mentioned methods. Hopefully tying together in a fairly seamless manner, but as many of us know a game rarely plays out exactly as a Game Master envisions.


The Players of Warcrafters Codex will change on occasion as with most RPG’s. Warcraft Codex will also organize occasional Players Seat Giveaways in which viewers will be able to win a seat at the gaming table with Warcrafters Codex. We will try to always have 5 players.

The Current Lineup is:

  • Game Master – Shardless
  • Divin Mancy – Character TBD
  • P_Tor – Character TBD

Support Staff

The Warcrafters Codex Support Staff are a group of Volunteers. They help us to do many various things from graphic and web design to moderating our channel

Our Current Staff is:

  • Roscoe – Graphic Designer

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