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Welcome to the Warcrafters Codex Campaign Wiki.

Warcrafters Codex is a group of friends, and acquaintances who have played various Table Top Role Playing Games together for more than a decade. We currently play World of Warcraft The Role Playing Game, while streaming our game sessions on Twitch.tv

We are Currently in the planning stages of our first broadcast campaign series. Our project members are as follows:

  • Shardless – Game Master | Project Manager
  • Divin Mancy – Player | Campaign Collaborator
  • P_Tor – Player | Graphic Designer | Mandatory Autistic
  • Roscoe – Graphic Designer

To Follow Along with the campaign as it unfolds visit our Wiki often. Shardless will maintain regular posts entailing information about the game as seen by the players. Information such as locations, items, NPC’s, points of interest, etc will be added as they are created, and discovered.

Additionally Warcrafters Codex will attempt to make all game materials, and procedures available to viewers as law permits. Occasional Tutorials and informative Wiki posts will be made regarding source reference, graphic design resources, Twitch streaming practices, Youtube practices, and any other information deemed appropriate as it is requested by viewers.

Enjoy Warcrafters_Codex!


Home Page

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